Female and Men

         I walk in the street and I don’t know where I belong, I feel that everyone have problems, that everyone feel like they don’t belong. They get scared from change, from new things, from ideas, from life. I always wondered if someone came to me and said ‘’ we will make you a millionaire, and all your problems will be solved. ’’ But would it really? I mean I know it will make a lot of shit easier for sure, but will it solve my problems? Men can buy sex, fun, good time on Facebook with money, but can they buy love? Here the answer to this: yes they can! Through my experience I found out that females could fall in love with a man with lots of money, or let me say power. The reason why, is because women all over the world go threw two inevitable circumstances, and they are nature and nurture, nature tells us that the stronger survive, the powerful defeat the weak, the rich enjoy and the poor suffer. And because it’s a big problem in all societies, they wanted to make the rich get richer and the poor need rich, without having a breakdown in society or a military revelation, so they create two main entertainment values, and we see it all the day every day. Buy the cool drink so you get laid, buy the fast car so everyone respect you, get the energy drink so you become the alpha man. I call this value the touchable values, which can react with people with their senses, the other entertainment is the brain value, which we can only proses through our imagination, and that is TV shows, movies, and porn. As we talked of how women are being bend to the nature by the rule of  “survival of the fetus” we come to the other cause and that is nurture, societies all over the world treat the female gender as lower then the man gender, either consciously or unconsciously, lets take for an example the court laws. In 3rd world country we will notice that the women don’t have the full proper rights, in payments, child custody, and the harsh community which falsie accuse her of shame. As for 1st world country, they give the women too much of rights, which is nevertheless better or worse – I find it fitting – in the end that law was put base on that women is weaker or more fragile then man. Never the less the pleasure of love, or rather as some people call it sex, we find that all over the world that when men have sex they score, but if women got laid she is a whore, I strongly believe that most women and men have sex fantasies based on their society structure, we find that men fantasies mostly about having sex with two females so he can satisfy his ego and feel like an alpha man. As for women they fancied about having sex against their will– please don’t misunderstand me, I’m talking only about people they know and trust as a person, not coming back home in the middle of the night getting rape by a crack head – the reason for that is because the guilt element from the society getting completely erased. I find it ironic that with all these publicity on what is better or worse, that in the end, in all over the world, in every country, in every city, there is a woman that win and a man lose, and vise versa.